CocoaFete, LLC

Our Wedding Day Cocoa Brunch*  is unique and

   adds a "sweet" touch to your special day!

  Whether you're at home, your salon or hotel, we   will  come and treat you and your bridal party to a light  and delicious brunch - custom designed by YOU!

  We'll get there early, so you and your friends and

   family will have plenty of time to enjoy being

   pampered and relax as you sample some of our

   most popular treats...

       ~ Mini Croissants with Chocolate Mousse Butter

       ~ Assorted Berries Splashed with Chocolate

       ~ Mini Bagels with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread  

          and Chopped Nuts

    What a fabulous way to start YOUR SPECIAL


    * One Brunch is booked per date, so contact

       us as soon as possible to book yours!