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Food for Thought

Burn bright to create light in seemingly dark places [Positive Mindset].

Be fierce and to dance to the beat of you own drum [Self Love].  Take some time for yourself to enjoy the simple things, reflect and plan. [Self Care] Be a spreader of good vibrations and positive energy- like a scent fills a room.  Be a force to be reckoned with, continue to create, inspire, and to burn any box  "they" try to put you in

Hello Hello Elise here. If you know me personally you probably call me E. Coach E if we're in the trenches. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Association of Sports Medicine (which is recognized as one of the top certs in the industry). I've been changing lives of women and mamas over 7 years getting their minds and bodies right! I am passionate about uplifting women to live their best lives intentionally.


I have been making my own skin and and face care products for over 10 years to combat my own personal cystic acne and sensitive skin. Through trail, error and research I've came up with the perfect combination that gives clear skin, confidence, and a beautiful scent.  After my friends and family kept using my personal products and, getting great results. I've decided to  bottled up my creation and spread my gift with the world. 

 I work with ingredients that support purpose,  thoughtfulness and love of the body and mind without harmful chemicals. My materials are all natural of the highest  quality and each product is hand blended and bottled in NJ.