Because we ALL want beautiful healthy radiant skin AND younger looking skin!  So......I'm in!

 Hi - My name is Doreen Sanchez and I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.  Let me first start off by saying that I just absolutely love everything about the products I sell and use for Mary Kay!  Being totally honest about the products I love and sharing that passion with women across the world on how healthy skin truly makes you feel beautiful and refreshed is so rewarding!  So the question of Why do I sell this product?  Well let me tell you.  My story is very simple.  I work a full time job (40-45 hours) a week as a Training Supervisor.  Although this too can be rewarding at times, those hours are very hectic  especially as the years roll on by.  I am also a full time MOM AND a Grandmother to 6 grandchildren so my life can be very busy.  So, the simple part, why not work and make ultimately more money doing what I LOVE and sharing that LOVE with others!  I have met some extraordinary people so far on my journey which has only been a few short months.  I ultimately want to make my own hours, connect with beautiful people all over and give them the gift of beauty!