$.01 Enrollment - You Must Be kidding

Lia Valentino

As I write this blog I’m hoping to reach one or more future top-earners who's stage present action will include the phrase “...then I saw a blog post about an opportunity to join this company for just a penny...”I am fully aware that the readers here are savvy Network Marketers who know; if a company is not worth joining, it doesn't matter how little it costs. So, I won't dwell upon the penny enrollment few except to explain the reason it was offered.  The investment of that penny (with nothing else to buy) would entitle you to one full year of access to: a professional back-office, a powerful marketing app and the extensive training resources offered by a ground-floor company whose products are in such high demand that (to be perfectly honest) customer back-orders are the greatest current challenge.  As you know (or might imagine) it is no fun trying to retain customers while your company adapts its manufacturing and supply-chain to a demand that is four-times greater than it was only a year ago.  Fortunately, the company understands the significance of that challenge and wanted to thank us for hanging tough by allowing us to reach out to the most visionary MLM pros in our network with a simple proposition; invest a penny and join this business for a year...keep a low profile if you like, but look it over...check out the tools...the leadership and the culture from the inside. Then, if you see the early-mover's advantage...if you’re wowed by the growth...if you're ready to run...then, let's run together until your stage presentation begins with the words; “I wasn't really looking for a new opportunity, but then I saw a chance to join this amazing start-up for just a penny...”