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Get your business listed on Events Happening in Your Town!  Please see our ad options below.
We do our very best to keep advertising costs as low as possible for you.

Business Blog

Do you have a business Blog you would like to share? I would love to post it on our site.
Have you found something to be very successful in your business and you would like to share it with others? Send it to me and I will add it to the site.
Please send Blog to Jill 
Please send your: Topic category Email Address Your Business Blog, Blog Photo Your Name. I will invoice you via PayPal and once paid your Blog will be live.

The Vendor Directory Package ~ Our Most Popular Ad Package!
$10 A Month
$60 for the entire year!
This averages out to just $5.00 a month

Please send the following information to Jill

State you wish to advertise
Your Name:
Your Company:
Your Website Address:
Your Email Address:
Your PayPal Email Address for Billing Only:
Your City and State:
Business Description
Facebook Page/Group

Directory Package includes:
  • You Information shared with event promoters 
  • Your Business listed in the “State Directory” (NJ, Pa, NY ect…)
  • Your Business listed in the Catalog Directory
  • Full year listing in Catalog Request 
  • Entitled to post up to 4 blogs annually about your business on the site
  • Your Business Listing Shouted out on Facebook once a quarter
  • Email of upcoming Jersey Girl Events before they go public

Your company must be available to receive this package. If a catalog request or text link is currently filled, I will offer you a different option for your package.
I will invoice you via PayPal and once paid your ads will go live on the site.
Other reps from your company may also be listed in another State Directory.

Ad on Homepage
$20 Monthly on Home page
Please send your Logo to Jill

Also include:
Your Name:
Your Company:
Your Website:
Your PayPal Email for Billing Only:
I will invoice you via PayPal.

These go up on the first of the month and come down the last day of the month.
*** Be sure to check out our Vendor Information page for more information on how you can get involved on our site. I am always looking for new ways to offer more reps more opportunity to get their businesses in front of people.
*** Note: Please know your company's advertising policy as refunds will not be issued for ad services.
*** Please keep your information current, any links that are no longer working will be removed from the site.